We Are 180Radionow.com

We are a Christian, Internet radio platform here to provide music and spoken word recording artists, ministers, pastors, authors, businesspeople – anyone with a positive message that will inspire and encourage people to look beyond their circumstances and seek out a relationship with Christ Jesus, a vibrant and cost-effective platform they can use to grow a worldwide audience.

Houses of worship looking to take their ministry beyond just their local listening area, can now reach our collective audience of nearly 120 million internet radio listeners across the globe. Typically, air-time costs can be prohibitive – especially for smaller church organizations with fewer resources. 180Radionow.com offers broadcast packages for as little as $50/week, so starting a radio ministry with international appeal is more affordable now than it has ever been.

All Kinds of Ways To Listen 24/7
All Kinds of Ways To Listen 24/7

180Radionow.com is the cure to what we call, the “Same ‘Ol, Same ‘Ol Radio Syndrome”. Every time you turn on the radio, you can hear the same songs over and over and over again. We play not just the charted music (30%), that sells online or in stores, but all the other music that moves you and ministers to you, that DOESN’T get played over the air (70%). It’s our 70/30 rule!

We especially love to feature unsigned and independent artists, DJs and other professionals, from our local Jacksonville area, the entire country and all over the world – giving you a broad flavor of music tastes from Believers all across the planet. Our music is THE best mix of all of that, in addition to inspirational ministry messages from street and church pulpits making a difference in spreading The Gospel. Add to that spoken word, and THE most comprehensive collection of original shows – all designed to help you grow as a Christian; and if you’re Saved, then prayerfully they’ll encourage you to seek out a personal relationship with the Lord yourself.

If you’re interested in advertising with us, sponsoring any of our growing and internationally acclaimed shows, an artist looking for radio play, a church ministry or business professional looking to broadcast your own show – then contact us and let our team of seasoned professionals help get you ON-THE-AIR, and broadcasting your vision into the hearts and minds of millions!

email:     stationmanager@180radionow.com

phone:   (904) 406-8719

address: 4080 Woodcock Dr., Bldg 2400, Ste 120, Jacksonville, FL 32207

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