Tell The Devil, “Think Again!”

ILCM - Tell The Devil, Think Again

ILCM - Tell The Devil, Think AgainJeremiah 29:11 serves as the foundational verse for this message.  Pastor Bartley points out, that God knows what He thinks about us and knows the plans that He has for us – realizing that we need to keep in our minds and demonstrate through our spirit and our bodies, that no matter what our situation looks like…even if it appears that if the wicked one, is having his way in our lives, to remember that our situations are ALL setups, so that God can get the glory out of the deliverance in it – even as we go through it.

The enemy is looking to do nothing else but to take you out, however he can.  Just know that whatever the enemy tries to do, that God has total control over our lives and that we are in a place of power.  Our anointing will brace us to deal with it, but we must not falter or fail in our belief that God knows about our situation, and that everything that God has spoken over your life, that it…will…come…to…pass!!

Tell The Devil, “Think Again!”

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