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A Kingdom Agenda - Pastor Herbert Bartley

A Kingdom Agenda - Pastor Herbert BartleyWhat is your motivation in being obedient to voice of God?  Pastor Bartley uses 1 Samuel 15:15-23 as his backdrop.  Obedience is better than a sacrifice, so the question shouldn’t be, “how obedient are you”, but whether, “are you obedient?”.  We owe God ALL, and not just something.

God requires obedience from us, which means that we cannot find ourselves doing only the portions of what God has commanded us (that we find convenient or easy to do), but we have to be willing and able to everything that God has commanded us to do in whatever it is that we are doing.

How many times have you found yourself, kicking yourself for not doing ALL that we were supposed to do, and then wondered why we did not achieve the results we had been praying for and striving towards – all the while blaming God.  Interestingly enough, Saul thought the same thing.  As we move in His will, we must remember that our reward is tied to his obedience and, while it may look like things aren’t progressing along, we’re still required to be obedient and follow through, in doing God’s will – even if it looks as if things are not going well…or going at all.

Take care that you do not try to exercise your own agenda over God’s, just because you see opportunities to move further along in your journey.  Move in His will, and He will move in His own time.  The victory is yours, be patient and obedient while you wait for it.

Heading 1: A Kingdom Agenda?

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