Everyone Can’t Go

ILCM - Everyone Can't Go

ILCM - Everyone Can't GoNot everyone is at the same level, when it comes to obedience, serving, believing and giving.  How often do we find ourselves KNOWING that we must do all of those things, but when it comes down to it will go only so far?  We tell God, that we’ll do whatever He says, and go wherever He says go, but when the rubber hits the road how far will we go in doing so.  Genesis 22:1 demonstrates perfect obedience to God’s will…while God had no intentions of allowing Abraham to destroy his son, God recognized Abraham’s willingness to obey and counted it as righteousness.  However, not everybody can go there.  Can you?

Pastor Bartley, uses Genesis 22:1 as the backdrop for this message, exhorting God’s people to not be confused and accept that not everyone will be able to go where you are going into the deep things of God.  While other people are playing, you want to be praying.  When others are tripping out over their circumstances, you want to be depending upon Him and in His presence so that you can clearly hear Him and move according to His will for your life.

Everyone Can’t Go

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