Are You A Giver?

ILCM - Are You A Giver?So many Believers aren’t free…and they give like it.  That type of individual is still bound to their carnal mentality, which yields selfishness rather than a freed, or spiritually-minded person is selfless.  When you believe your God, yo do not allow the enemy to deter you from what God has promised you.  Abraham was willing to give God what meant more to him than anything…all because Abraham loved God and was willing to let go of what would cost him something, in obedience to God.

How often do we give to God only what we are comfortable in parting with, over what would actually cost us something?  How many times have you given, thinking, “Well, this is it!  I have all I had and now I have nothing else left!”  Thoughts come in like, what will I eat tonight?  How am I going to have gas to get to work in the morning?  Where’s the money coming from to pay this electric bill?  God just wants to see, whether you’ll trust Him.  You can’t receive anything more, until you open your hands and let go of what you have.  Pastor Bartley wants to help you with obtaining the proper mindset with your giving.  This message will truly bless you and set you free to operate without limits in trusting God.


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