Don’t Divorce Your Destiny

Have you ever, in your walk with Christ, felt as if nothing you’re doing is working out for you? You give, sow, pray, serve, witness and more, but your life still seems as if it’s stuck and nothing is working out for you. What’s REALLY happening?

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ILCM - He Promised Me Double

He Promised Me Double

Be careful to not judge the presence of God in your life, by your circumstances. A common trick of the enemy is to fool a Believer in thinking that God is not really with them, just because your life may seem chaotic and out-of-control.

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A Kingdom Agenda - Pastor Herbert Bartley

Kingdom Agenda

Stay the course and be mindful that you do not replace God’s agenda for your life, with your own. While it may look like nothing’s happening – be obedient and continue to do His will and you will be victorious.

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