Dance Ministry

A Praise Dance is a form of dance that glorifies God by communicating the divine message of the good news of Jesus Christ. A Praise Dance is a unique and God ascribed dance (Ps. 150:3-5). This means that God has ordained the dance to be a physical expression of our acknowledgement of Him (Ps. 150:2; Col. 1:16) and our relationship with Him in joy and gladness (Ps. 22:3; Ps. 30:11; Zeph. 3:17).

Dance Ministry is simply the process by which we use our gift of dance to share the gospel or the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost and to encourage, comfort, and edify the saints in the faith.  We believe in the Great Commission; the calling to go and make disciples of many nations and to spread the good news of Christ. We believe the great commission is the obligation of every believer.

As each person is graced to operate within the gifts provided by Our Father, dance is one that falls on us and we express our love, devotion and obedience to Christ through our bodies – as our movements are spiritually orchestrated and executed according to the Holy Spirit.  Every movement is performed to evoke the beauty and power of the God, as He we submit to Him and allow ourselves to be governed by Him.

It is our prayer that those who witness partake in our form of praise & worship, are also inspired to lift our Lord and Savior up above all that we see, hear and persevere through.