Covenant Fellowship International

Covenant Fellowship International - CFI

Covenant Fellowship International, Inc., is an interdenominational, interdependent, international fellowship, which was birthed from the heart of Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin. Its mission is to supply apostolic oversight and fellowship for pastors and ministries who desire to model the unity of the body and proper ecclesiastical order as they serve in the new millennium.

1. Dedicated to move within the current flow of the Holy Spirit, while maintaining scriptural integrity.

2. Provision of apostolic oversight and fellowship through Presbytery Council headed by Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin.

3.Provide opportunities to build relationships

Covenant Fellowship, Inc. exists for the purpose of providing apostolic oversight through relationship to churches, para-church organizations, and ministers.

1. Apostolic oversight and fellowship for pastors and ministries who desire to model unity in the body; and who desire to demonstrate proper ecclesiastical order.

2. The ability to have a church or individual ministry relationship through diverse levels such as individuals who would like a personal and friendship level relationship that basically entails mentoring, counseling and oversight with full submission to the office of Bishop McLaughlin and the Code of Honor Pledge.

3. Church Covenant Fellowship: This is covenant relationship to the fullest. Covenant is defined as “a promise that cannot be broken.” This level requires a consistent and demonstrative commitment. Covenant Fellowship International, Inc. has the authority to give input; correct as necessary; and approve the use of CFI’s name, logo, etc.

3. Periodically, an all day equipping session will be held to address the spiritual and practical aspects of ministry. These mini-conferences will be conducted with pastors and teachers from within the Fellowship and outside who have shown expertise in their field. These sessions will: A) Provide a time for fellowship for ministers members and their families. B) Provide a time for special needs to be addressed during conferences. Time will be set-aside for individuals to speak with a member of the Presbytery for specific counsel and direction.

5. A time for annual gatherings of all affiliates, namely: The Clergy Institutes, Retreats, Conferences, etc. Note: None of these events are mandatory, but are available at your discretion, schedule permitting.

Thus, the mission of our Bishop is the Holy Spirit empowerment, to preach and teach the Word of God, leading people to a personal knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through faith. Furthermore, they by example are to function as chief pastors in the midst of God’s people.


I am in accord with all of the Tenets of Faith and credential requirements of Covenant Fellowship, Inc. I will always conduct myself in a manner becoming to Christ Jesus and his Kingdom, in word, in spirit, and in conversation. By God’s grace I purpose to never give cause for accusations to be made against me in the conduct of my personal affairs or public ministry. I am willing to accept counsel and advice from Covenant Fellowship, International Inc. and Bishop McLaughlin. I accept membership in Covenant Fellowship, International Inc. as a privilege and not a right. I understand that the Fellowship has the right to require the withdrawal of a member at any time if in the judgment of the Presbytery, such action is deemed necessary to safeguard ideals of Christian and moral character. I understand that my signature below is my acceptance of the entire Code of Honor and completes a contract between Covenant Fellowship International, Inc. and myself, which is a prerequisite for my membership.

1. I PLEDGE to seek after the heart of God and apply myself to be conformed to His image in all areas of my life.
2. I PLEDGE to continually seek the current flow of the Holy Spirit in each and every unique move He gives to the Body of Christ without compromising Scriptural integrity.
3. I PLEDGE to live in a lifestyle that gives honor to God and abstain from questionable actions that would harm my testimony as a minister or discredit me from the body of Christ.
4. I PLEDGE to maintain a proper Biblical order for my home, family and ministry.
5. I PLEDGE to operate in integrity within the financial operation of my home and ministry.
6. I PLEDGE to operate within the constraints of confidentiality between ministers.
7. I PLEDGE to give myself to the ministry of restoration of fallen ministers and church members as they cooperate with that process.